The heart of DBERT’s mission is training. It is essential that members of the community develop the skills necessary to help ourselves and our neighbors when an emergency occurs and equally important that those skills be reinforced by repeated practice.

DBERT offers training in both specific skills and the general knowledge necessary to being a good volunteer. Participating in this training will enhance your ability to help your community and acquaint you with your neighbors.




Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training is a national program training citizens to help fill the gap between a disaster or emergency and the arrival of professional services. CERT training is based on standards established by FEMA and is offered by ReadyMarin at various locations in Marin County throughout the year. Click here for more information.

After completing the course, CERTs will be able to provide immediate assistance to handle small fires, turn off utilities, give basic first aid, perform light search and rescue, and collect information to provide arriving professional first responders. Participants find the class engaging, fun, and very informative.

Most DBERT members have completed CERT training and DBERT’s Emergency Plan is based on CERT principles.


In the event of a natural disaster, communication from Dillon Beach to neighboring cities will be crucial.

DBERT uses various radio systems to communicate within Dillon Beach and with outside resources. Local communications are primarily on FRS radios, which do not require licenses. Communications with locations outside the immediate community are generally by ham radio, for which licenses are required. We encourage Dillon Beach residents to learn more about ham radio and to obtain a ham radio license.

We periodically provide training in using all our radios and can assist those interested in getting your ham license.

DBERT Drills and Training Sessions

DBERT members meet on a regular basis to learn the skills necessary for dealing with a community emergency and to keep those skills sharp.

These sessions are also an opportunity to meet neighbors who share a commitment to keeping the community safe.


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