Don’t panic – prepare

If you are a resident of Dillon Beach, whether full- or part-time, there are steps you can and should take now to help yourself, your family members, tenants, and guests, and your neighbors in the event of a natural disaster.

It’s not a question of whether an earthquake, fire, or other extreme event will hit Dillon Beach, but when. Don’t panic – prepare.

Resident Registry

First, make sure we know how to reach you. To serve the community, DBERT needs to know who’s here, who has special needs, and what our resources are. Whether you own or rent, if you are a resident (part- or full-time), please complete the Resident Registry Form to enable DBERT to find you and your home in the event of a catastrophic event.


The Vial of Life is a convenient way for you to make vital information about you and your family available to first responders. You put the information in a vial that you leave in your refrigerator. A decal on your front door or other obvious place tells people who come to your aid that the information is available there even if you are not able to communicate. Check out  or go to this site with information specific to Marin County

become a ham radio operator

The most effective communications in the case of a major disaster are likely to be by radio. Telephones - both cellular and landline - are subject to interruption and overloading. Radios operate as long as you have battery power. It is easy to become a ham radio operator and it costs practically nothing. Here's some information on how you can get your license: Ham Licensing

If You Rent Your Property Out

If you rent your property to others, or expect house guests when you won't be at home, it is important that your tenants or guests be informed and prepared for an emergency.

We have prepared instructions that you can print out and leave for them.These instructions, of course, apply to you when you are staying in your property.

NOTE: The instruction packet includes window signs to be used in an emergency to tell volunteers that your house’s occupants need HELP or are OK. We recommend that you laminate these signs back-to- back, or contact DBERT and we will send you an already-laminated version.